If you’ve been to a BBQ with some mates and the subject of your business IT comes up, beware of Barbie-IQ!

“Antivirus software will protect you from hackers”

Even the best antivirus software will not protect you against today's most sophisticated cyber threats. It’s like  treating cancer with paracetamol - it just won’t do!

“The cloud is not secure”

Reputable cloud providers base their reputation on the security of the data they are entrusted with, and they invest heavily in firewalling and threat-monitoring and prevention.. Indeed, compared to your average internet-connected credential-leaking laptop or on-premise server, a security breach is less likely by several orders of magnitude if the right vendor is chosen. Remember: just because you can see your equipment, does not mean you can see the threat!

“I don’t need an IT support plan, cos’ my IT guy just charges me when things go wrong, it’s great!”

IT companies that can’t provide fixed-price support plan pricing are only providing you with a reactive service - i.e. they are not preventing data breaches, data loss, or catastrophic failures - they are putting bandaids on what is a degraded IT environment crawling with data leaks and about to cost you a LOT - including potentially your reputation. They are profiting from failure, and placing your systems at risk by failing to monitor and prevent loss. You’d be negligent to continue to accept their negligence!

Here at Accountable IT Group, we have built a solid reputation of reliability, dependability, security, resilience and value for money. We have structured our business to ensure that we cannot profit from failure - with one fixed monthly fee where everything is covered.

If you have IT questions, it is always best to call our team of professionals.