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The “Accountable” service difference…

"Customer first, friendly advice, 'can-do' attitudes and integrity through transparency"

Every computer system needs maintenance to keep it working at peak performance, and to trap & prevent causes of potential downtime. But typical maintenance requirements in today’s busy business are mishandled by other technology vendors due to their skillset not being optimised for client needs.

The challenge is to perform this maintenance work efficiently, and in such a manner where work in one area does not create problems in another. This is especially challenging in today’s computer networks. Given most IT companies have no expertise or qualifications in the Accounting/Legal/Medical software arena, no wonder so many businesses complain about the blame shifting that happens between IT vendors when things go wrong. However… Accounting, Legal & Medical software are specialist areas that we excel in.

Accountable IT Group actively work with progressive businesses spanning the entire country. Using our specialist services and skills we offer our clients the best performing and most stable computer systems in the industry.

We achieve this by offering a multi-tiered approach to support needs, thus fitting needs to your budget.


As the Partner in Charge of IT, it was my ongoing recommendation to the firm to continue using the services of Brett and his team for all of our IT needs. I had total faith in his ability to provide proactive IT solutions. In all the years of dealing with Brett and his team, we never lost ANY data and lost only 0.01% of productive time due to system downtime. We never suffered any system failure due to the robust solutions recommended and implemented by Brett and his team. I would strongly recommend Brett and his team to anyone and any business."

-Dean Townsend, Director
Focus Professional Group.

Using our specialist services & skills we offer our clients the best performing & most stable computer systems in the industry. We back this with statistical data & reporting available to you. With five-nines uptime targets (99.999%), SLA's and transparent reporting to help you track the performance of your IT investment, your business is in safe hands, and we remain 'Accountable'.

By aligning technology strategy with your business vision, we can help you leverage into new markets, geographies & open your business to the economies & agilities of offshore resourcing or flexible workforces if you choose. Include us in your strategy & let us help your business thrive using new collaboration & inter-office communications technologies!

When your network is comprehensively "managed", the reactivity ends. Systems run smoothly, predictably, & unplanned downtime/'emergency'/reactive maintenance is eliminated. Correct management of issue prioritisation at the support level also ensures a calm & considered approach to IT, which leaves you & your team feeling confident & 'safe' in the hands of Accountable IT Group.

We're here for you! Our automated ticketing system is open 24x7, so emailing will automatically raise a support incident in our management system & alert our team. Our telephony platform routes recorded voicemails to afterhours personnel too, so you'll always be heard.
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